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CListening Prayer: Learning To Hear God's Voice And Keep A Prayer Journal - Hardback-Used - Click To Enlarge
Listening Prayer: Learning To Hear God's Voice And Keep A Prayer Journal - Hardback-Used
Leanne Payne - (SKU#: NM40810)

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Amidst the noise and confusion of your life, can you hear the still, small voice of God? In this ear-opening book, Payne helps you remove the roadblocks that keep you from hearing God's Word and gives you practical instructions on how to begin a prayer journal. As you learn to listen to God, you'll discover the riches of a deeper, more fulfilling prayer life. 264 pages, softcover from Baker.


Listening Prayer by Leanne Payne is an intensely practical book based on the author's rich experience of how to live now as a servant of Christ and His Word. There is nothing in print that surpasses it in this regard, and perhaps nothing that equals it. . . . You cannot categorize Leanne Payne. You simply have to 'come and see' the intelligence, imagination and courage with which this seasoned and daily associate of Jesus opens doors to the Kingdom.
--Dallas Willard

How can I describe a book that brings us into the very presence of God? In Listening Prayer, Leanne Payne causes us to look up and see God in his beauty, love, and splendor. I finished with tears of gratitude for God's indescribable gift.
--Rebecca Manley Pippert

I read Listening Prayer needing to learn. And I did--richly, helpfully, gratefully. This books needs to be read slowsly. It could help transform private worship for many.
--Os Guinness

I can imagine no more spiritually sensitive teacher than Leanne Payne to prompt us on a pathway toward a more prayerfully sensitive hearing and responding to God's voice.
--Jack W. Hayford

This book will become a modern classic and will be read and used by generations to come. Readers should do themselves a favor and take this book home and take it to heart as soon as possible.
--John H. Rodgers Jr.


"Emphasizes the importance of listening to God and allowing Him to lead our prayers. . . . [A] rich work."--Discipleship Journal (July 1999)

"A deeply emotional and personal tribute to mothers. . . . A lot of laughter mixed amongst the tears, and the reader is sure to gain a profound appreciation not only for mothers but for life itself."--Topeka-Capital Journal (May 8, 1999)

"One of the best books ever written about prayer. . . . You'll find blessing in every page."--Virtue (May/June 1995)

"The author writes from decades of experience with both individuals and corporate bodies of the church employing listening prayer. Thus her writing is backed with a biblical basis and infused with experiences, a combination that counters a more mystical approach to hearing God's voice....I highly recommend the book to those interested in learning to hear God's voice."--Journal of Christian Nursing (Spring 2000)

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