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Light in the Closet
Arthur Goldberg - (SKU#: NM40874)

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Men and women struggling with same-sex attraction are commonly being denied the right to receive life-giving information about the existence and effectiveness of various gender-reaffirming methods and therapies; the right to seek treatment for sexual disorientation; and the right freely to choose to change their sexual orientation.  Such interference with fundamental rights offends the dignity and humanity of these men and women.  Isolated and alone, unaware that help, healing and support are within reach, they are told by the gay activists, 'You can't change;' by ultra-conservatives, 'You are loathsome;' and by the majority of psychologists and psychiatrists, 'Accept your gay feelings and act upon them--even though this might be in conflict with your internal values.' Such attitudes are not merely wrong.  They are contemptible, immoral, irresponsible, and potentially lethal.

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